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Colby Krug says...

“I was a bit skeptical of all forms of counsel or coaching prior to this last year. I have tried a few and Meg’s Simple Shifts has yielded real results for me personally and professionally. Her approach is atypical and exploits many invitations to try to new habits or ways to think that have assisted me move forward in a positive fashion. “

Elias Moskona says...


" From my very first session with Meghan I felt safe and supported. She's very skilled at creating a space where I feel comfortable sharing some of the more vulnerable parts of myself.

She has a way to gently shine a light on parts of my self-improvement work that are in my blind spot, helping me identify them and providing me with the tools I need to take the next step in my path. I love our interactions and I feel her total presence in our sessions, always attentive to my experience. I saw the benefits of her coaching from day one and continue to see benefits every time we interact. Thank you Meghan! "

Bruno Orlando - Entrepreneur says...

"I just wanted to share how great Simple Shifts is. Meghan helped me realize what I truly wanted to achieve in both my business and personal life, and made me believe it's possible. 

I used to think I was just being indecisive and procrastinating, but I now understand that I simply didn't have the right framework in place to guide my thinking. This process was invaluable in helping me examine my values, and goals, set priorities, and take action."

James Ramsey, Artist Management


" If you struggle to commit to your goals, or have something blocking you through self sabotage, low self-esteem or personal or professional neglect, Meghan is an excellent listener and guide. She will listen with compassion - explore the root cause of that belief, and help you create a pathway to change it.


Meghan will gently challenging your perspective on things you may be blinkered on, and offer tips and tricks for almost every situation. (Breathing exercises before a big presentation, ways to fall asleep easier, dealing with a work confrontation in a win:win way, navigating menus when eating out, the list goes on!)


Its clear to me that Meghan has a wealth of experience and expansive knowledge in not just dealing with, but flourishing in challenging situations, and that Simple Shifts is the culmination of all that she has learned, wrapped up into an incredible program that imparts her wisdom onto others who are not yet reaching their potential. 

This course was the best investment I have made in a number of years, and I sincerely thank you Meghan for making it."

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