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Mitra Manesh, Founder of Innermap App, Senior Educator at UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center and a Former Human Right Commissioner says...


" I have worked with Meghan for many years in many capacities. I realized early on that she’s a person I can trust when sharing vulnerable challenges and needing honest, valuable, and effective feedback and advice. Meghan is a passionate professional who knows the truth, speaks the truth, and guides based on the truth. She hears you mindfully, sees your bright and blind spots without bias, and supports you with a perfect balance of push and pull as you travel in your journey of growth and learning... and if she can't do that, she'll tell you! If you’re ready to move forward and receive all-round coaching from a brilliant, trust-worthy, and extraordinary coach, Meghan is the one for you! "

Elias Moskona says...


" From my very first session with Meghan I felt safe and supported. She's very skilled at creating a space where I feel comfortable sharing some of the more vulnerable parts of myself.
She has a way to gently shine a light on parts of my self-improvement work that are in my blind spot, helping me identify them and providing me with the tools I need to take the next step in my path. I love our interactions and I feel her total presence in our sessions, always attentive to my experience. I saw the benefits of her coaching from day one and continue to see benefits every time we interact. Thank you Meghan! "

Helene Sandi, Yoga Guide / Holistic Lifestyle Mentor says...


"I have known Meghan for over a decade, and for as long as I’ve known her she has been an incredibly sensitive, intuitive yet practical soul. She is a natural born listener, and has a calming presence that allows anyone comfortable to open up to her. She has this ability to stay neutral and see many different perspectives, which I find to be such a valuable quality of any kind of coach or mentor. With her you can be sure to be heard and seen for who you are, and to feel accepted. Meghan draws from her own vast life experience as well as her dedicated spiritual and meditation practice to guide you to clarity, fulfillment and peace with whatever is alive for you now."

Anonymous, Artist Management


" For as long as I’ve known her, Meghan has always been a person who radiates positivity and looks to do "what feels right, not what feels easy.” 

That’s somewhat become my mantra in the months since we have been working together. Meghan’s calm but upbeat demeanour makes her extremely easy to talk to, and in fact I was able to open up with her about obstacles I was facing far more easily than I had been with a therapist previously. 

Our goals are now different. (Meghan is the first to remind me - It's not therapy, it’s coaching) but for me at least, this seems to be the next logical step. Therapy had opened the door to me being able understand and accept how I became the person that I am. Meghan is helping me realise how to use these experiences, strengths (and weaknesses) to become the person that I want to be.

It is clear that after just a few sessions together that Meghan understands that no two people are the same, I don’t know how, but she seems to keep a vast mental library of tips and tricks for dealing with anything that I throw at her. I implement these tips daily, holding onto the ones that serve me, and discarding the ones that don’t - but with each tip or trick I try, I find out something new, and therefore feeling better equipped each time I add or remove a tool from my toolbox.

It's a paradoxical experience to work so openly with someone, with the end goal being that you no longer work with them - but I feel like that is what we are working towards! Liberating me from my dependence on others, and having the presence of mind to trust in myself.

Sure, I’m looking forward to reaching that destination however long it may take, but i'm extremely happy to have Meghan be part of the journey. "

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