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I used to live a life of feeling overly sensitive and disconnected from the world, my purpose and the potential I knew existed but was not evident in my surroundings. 


This took me on an intuitive journey where I ended up living in six different countries throughout my 20s, traveling the world through a passion for music, and building my own boutique music agency.

One day, I realized I was in a self-destructive loop, I lacked followthrough, self-responsibility, connection, and alignment with what I was feeling inside. I could no longer ignore my intuition or wait for the outside world or industry to fit my needs.

This led me on an inner quest to find reconnection within myself, learn how to create healthy boundaries, make changes, heal my self-sabotage, manage my mind, and through a mindful process of empowering myself create a life that works for me based on intuitive guidance and action.

Once I recognized that I can fully trust my sensitivity as a guidance system, create boundaries for balance, and follow through on what I am feeling it gave me agency over my life again.


Today, I recognize the internal gift we all have within us, how we can create our reality, and how powerful it can be when we listen, act, and grow through lifes opportunities and challenges. I no longer feel like a victim, but feel empowered, on purpose, and confident in the choices I am making for my life.


I believe your success as a soul-led seeker can be achieved through something known as Simple Shifts.


A powerful, new, and unique system designed to connect you with your intuition, help you let go of self-doubt, and unhealthy patterns, and establish healthy boundaries.


While I use to struggle with followthrough and self-sabotage, Simple Shifts has empowered me to feel connected, and self-responsible for the life we are creating.

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