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Welcome Home

Soul-led Seekers.

I am here to help.

Hi I'm Meghan, I Guide, Support, and Empower you to go from a life of self-doubt to one of trusting your intuition and practical followthrough to live life authentically on your own terms!

I followed my intuition to create a dream life. Once lost in a disconnected world, I roamed and lived in six countries, fueled by music, and built my boutique music agency. Realizing my self-destructive loop, I embraced self-responsibility, mindfulness, and intuition. Now, I trust my sensitivity, set boundaries, and feel empowered. Life's opportunities and challenges guide my path. No more victim mode, I'm purposeful and confident in the choices that I make to create my life on my own terms.


To support you in the remembering of the deep inner wisdom you have for your unique path and the power it holds when we listen and take inspired-action on it. 



If you are an Soul-led Seeker who feels compelled to make intuitive, aligned changes in your life, we wholeheartedly welcome you!

I firmly believe in the transformative power of shifting perspectives, beliefs, and self-narratives. I believe in the power of healing. 


Through this transformation, individuals can empower themselves and embark on a journey of making positive healthy changes in their lives, one step at a time, by taking inspired actions that works uniquely for them and heal the areas of their life that are not aligned. Apply for the Simple Shifts 1:1 - 3 month Coaching Program below.

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